Get To Know Us

Einvala Vietnam Limited is a customer-centric consulting company specializing in sustainable procurement solutions. Situated in Vietnam, we aim to emerge as a key player in Asia, assisting our global and local clients in their quest to evolve into more sustainable, knowledgeable, and resilient businesses. Our goal is to equip clients to effectively navigate future sustainable requirements and disruptions in the supply chain.

Founded by two Danish entrepreneurs with extensive prior experience in Asia and a profound understanding of the business culture, the company brings a unique perspective and expertise to its operations.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing sustainable procurement solutions that help enterprises navigate the evolving sustainability demands from both governments and customers.

Our Mission

Einvala’s mission is to provide seamless, reliable and sustainable services to enhance our client's business operations

Our Vision

To foster economic connections between the East and the West, and to cultivate a more sustainable global environment for both individuals and partners

Our Team

Kristjan Erlingsson Founder & CSO

Jacob Ditlevsen Founder & COO